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ECCO Men’s Faro Chukka Boot Review

Founded back in 1963 in Denmark, ECCO has been making the quality shoes for the last last 50+ years. Till now more than 350 million pairs of shoes have been made by the company. From leather production to final manufacturing of the shoes, each and every process in owned and managed by the company itself and this is the main reason behind the success of ECCO.


ECCO Company works on the principle “The shoe must follow the foot”. Shoes made by this company are highly durable, stylish and functional. So far the company has made millions of classy shoes like the ECCO Men’s Turn Gore-Tex Chukka Chelsea Boot, ECCO Men’s Findlay Chelsea Boot, Men’s Ecco, Cairo Boot and ECCO Men’s Findlay Chukka Boot and the ECCO Men’s Faro Chukka Boot is one of them.

Having a pure rubber sole, the ECCO Men’s Faro Chukka Boot is made of pure leather. These shoes are very light in weight and are very comfortable and durable. The shape of the shoes is very stylish and make them look elegant while wearing. Properly measure your size before buying this boot however as some people have issues with the size.


  • Sole of these shoes is made of pure rubber and the upper lining is made of pure leather.
  • Look very cool and stylish.
  • One main benefit is that you can wear them jeans, dress suits, and they still look good.
  • Classy, comfortable, functional, and stylish.


  • The shoes themselves always seem a bit too big. And even if you get the size according to your foot they still remain loose.

ECCO Company is a well-established company and has a very good reputation as well, and it should take some action on the size issues of these shoes. A classy looking shoe is losing its value due to its single flaw. It is highly recommended not to buy these shoes online as you will get caught by the size issue in the end. Visit the near market and choose one which perfectly fits your foot. However, if you must …

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